Established in the year 2016, we have set up a new goal to realize the potential of the North American market.

Concept Zone

We have with our garnered skills in the exhibition industry throughout the past two decades in the Middle East, Concept Zone has entered the Canadian market in full swing to take advantage of the untapped demand of the region.

We have the Experience, now we need to win your trust!


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    Exhibition Contracting

Past, Present and Future

What betterdemonstrates this than the fact that Dubai, part of the UAE which is only in the 42nd year, wins EXPO 2020 which has a history that extends over 263 years dating back to the London World Fair in 1851!

So who would not deny that this is the best place on the planet to be continuing to develop the Exhibition, Events and related businesses?

We are a privately owned family company that has strong financial security

We own our land in Jebel Ali and we are continuing to develop this as a commercial property to provide improved support for our clients.

Our vision is to grow the business and to enjoy seeing clients coming back and new clients testing our resource.

Also to see our workforce, management and staff succeeding to progress through the career paths we provide.

Location, Location, Location