Having successfully served the exhibiting community in the United Arab Emirates for over 18 years it is no surprise that so many clients come back. It is the reliability factor that is most important for both UAE customers and those exhibitors coming here from overseas.
There is enough for the exhibitors to concern themselves with and so our team take away the issues and confirmations and approvals for all stand related items.
The way it works is a simple process which we handle every single day. After all the design refinements have been made then our production and activation machine kick in.
From this point we will lift the burden of venue and organizers approvals, build up schedules, graphic production, Audio Visual programming, décor specifications, hanging suspended graphics, site installation, electrical power and detailing, maintenance crew on site for show period, right down to what brand of coffee you would like for your boss on opening morning.

The greatest designed stand means nothing if it is not ready and working on the opening morning.

Country Pavilions